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VAR Events curates breathtaking & elevated guest experiences, imbued with atmosphere & enchantment, as beautiful experiential design is entwined with impeccable planning to curate an unforgettable wedding day that encapsulates the essence of you.

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A New Orleans Garden Style Bridesmaid Proposal Story The very start of a wedding usually begins with a special proposal and an engagement ring. Someone has to agree and say yes to the ever-popular and sacred question of “will you marry me?” However, there’s one other important proposal that sets the tone for the beautiful […]

Will You Bloom Into Mrs. With Me?


When you think of unicorns, you don’t automatically think of wedding luxe. So we were thrilled when our full service client brought us a unicorn as the muse for the optics of her special day. It allowed us to reach deep into the VAR creativity of possibilities to create a wonderful, opulent fantasy despite setbacks […]

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A Fantasy Love Story Wedding Design



Did someone say “Beignets + Carats”? Learn about all the delicious details about this fun and flirty bridal shower picnic Get Notified Of New Posts COVID Creative Celebration In the middle of a pandemic, it can feel impossible to have the event of your dreams. I’m here to assure you that it’s not impossible. For […]

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“Beignets + Carats” Luxe Picnic Style Bridal Shower Design


I am so happy you trust me to plan all of your memories that will last a lifetime.

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