A New Orleans Garden Style Bridesmaid Proposal Story The very start of a wedding usually begins with a special proposal and an engagement ring. Someone has to agree and say yes to the ever-popular and sacred question of “will you marry me?” However, there’s one other important proposal that sets the tone for the beautiful […]

Will You Bloom Into Mrs. With Me?



Imagine not being stressed by the little things, being fabulous and at the end of every day feeling fully satisfied with the life you created. This is the journey of crafting a minimalist lifestyle and I’m welcoming you into the curation of my minimalist wardrobe— a personal capsule collection. It was very important to me […]

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Beginning My Capsule Collection: An Intro To A Minimalist Wardrobe


VAR Events curates breathtaking & elevated guest experiences, imbued with atmosphere & enchantment, as beautiful experiential design is entwined with impeccable planning to curate an unforgettable wedding day that encapsulates the essence of you.

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