A Timeless Affair: Mariah and Kendell’s Luxury Wedding in New Orleans

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In the heart of the enchanting city of New Orleans, Mariah and Kendell celebrated their love story in a wedding that transcended the ordinary. The Capital On Baronne witnessed the union of two souls who began their journey at Louisiana State University, and it was nothing short of a fairy tale affair.

The Amazing Venue

The choice of Capital On Baronne for Mariah and Kendell’s nuptials was nothing short of perfection. This historic venue exuded opulence, featuring exquisite architecture and a timeless charm that complemented the couple’s romantic vision seamlessly. The grandeur of the space set the stage for a celebration of love that would be etched in the memories of all in attendance.


Romantic Style Wedding

Mariah and Kendell’s wedding was a testament to their sophisticated taste and unwavering commitment to romance. The color palette of blush, champagne, and ivory created an atmosphere of timeless elegance. Soft hues enveloped the venue, from the lush floral arrangements to the delicate table settings, creating an ambiance that was both refined and enchanting.

The Details

Every detail of Mariah and Kendell’s wedding was meticulously curated to reflect their love story. The ceremony featured a breathtaking arch adorned with cascading blooms, providing a picturesque backdrop as the couple exchanged their vows. Guests were treated to a feast for the senses, with gourmet cuisine and champagne flowing freely, elevating the celebration to a true feast of love and luxury.

Personal Touches

To add a personal touch to their special day, Mariah and Kendell incorporated elements that reflected their journey together. From custom monograms to personalized favors, every detail spoke to the unique connection the couple shared. It was evident that this celebration was not just about a union but a reflection of the love and dedication that Mariah and Kendell had for each other.

Mariah and Kendell’s wedding at Capital On Baronne in New Orleans was a masterpiece of luxury and love. The seamless blend of romantic colors, exquisite details, and a captivating venue created an atmosphere that transported everyone present into a world of pure enchantment. This celebration was not just a union of two individuals but a testament to the enduring power of love when expressed with style and sophistication. In the city of jazz and romance, Mariah and Kendell created a symphony of love that will echo through time.

Photos credits : @cjjrphoto

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